From the kitchen to the living room to the boardrooms to shipping docks - our plywood has strengthened them all. A carpenterís delight and a home makerís pride, we have made a significant impact on the wooden side of life. And the endeavour continues.

We are Alishan, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of choice plywood products and veneer. Over the last 10 years, the strength and quality of Alishan ply has quietly built a strong trust among its customers. Today, we are one of the leading industry torchbearers, supplying high calibre products to corporate houses, architects, designers and individuals. With advanced processes and sophisticated plant & machinery in place, we aim at continuously bettering our performance and earn customers trust.

Scientifically, wood is a hard and fibrous plant tissue. It has been used for centuries as both, fuel and a construction material. Our journey has been all about changing 'the crude' to 'exclusive' for you.

Ever since we stepped into the profession of shaping, toning and treating wood, we've never missed an opportunity to understand the finer nuances of this art. Being on the lookout for the most special varieties of wood, across geographies of the world, has been a hobby and passion to us.

In fact, at Alishan, each of our lives revolves around the common mission of turning best woods to premium products. Our passion has paid off. We take pride when our clients endorse our brand as the most durable.

Yes, we made a difference to wood!